Study Skills – Part Three – How to Study

So often the word study is thrown around, but what does it really mean? Reading over notes would be considered studying by a lot of people, but is that the most effective way of studying? Below are some general tips on how to study. They are applicable for any subject and will help you make positive decisions as you build up your revision programme towards the week four exams.

  • revisingActively engage with the material you are revising. Don’t just read over notes.  Make notes as you revise.  Draw diagrams, tables, lists, mind maps.  Make connections between topics, idea and concepts.  Markers are looking for familiarity/understanding of concepts and (even more) evidence that you have thought it through for yourself.
  • Revise with a pen and paper (to get used to writing for long periods in the exam)
  • Flashcards are fun and terrific if you are an aural and kinaesthetic learner. On one side of each card you might write dates, vocab, formulae, a character’s name etc. On the reverse side you would write definitions, key information, explanations etc. Ask a study partner or parent to test you on dates, vocab etc. or give you an explanation then you have to state what that is referring to etc.
  • Mind mapping is very good for visual and kinaesthetic learners. Basically this method is a visual filing system for information and again is a clever way to revise. This can be used for most subjects and key points/aspects are given headings with information prioritised in sub-headings and bullet points below it. Illustrations help to add memorability to the points as does colour-coding. While the information is being processed and sorted to put onto the mind map revision is taking place. Put the completed mind maps all over your bedroom or other areas of the house where you will see them regularly.
  • After school tutoring has been successfully running all year. The seniors have been doing a superb job at helping others who come to the library during their after school sessions. Now that the seniors are busy studying for their own exams this service has stopped however, to arrange tutoring, contact Sam Yamoah, Academic Captain via of through the tutoring facebook page.
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