Year Nine Dance Off

Today’s annual Y9 Dance Off was a celebration of the best groups from the dance skills unit in PE. The unit focused on interpersonal skills as mixed groups had to work cooperatively to produce a dance routine. The performances were outstanding, and it was difficult to select our winners. However in this instance the awards went to:

  • 1st – 9WG1 – Jenny Nash, Logan Payne, Francis Beswick-Hoen, Rachael Wilson and Megan Joslin
  • 2nd – 9WG2 – Danica Fontein, Connor Blackburn, Stella Lu, Tiarne Southon, Haydn Davenport-Brown, Ian Murray
  • 3rd – 9NP1 – Emily Villanueva, Angus Mawby, Ella Nguon, Antonio Poleis, Jade Lyons
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