Study Skills – Part Two – Study Spaces

revise20for20exams20easilyEnsuring you have a suitable study environment is a key step to ensuring a successful revision period. Here are some things collected from various sites to consider when organising your study space:

Room: A quiet study area away from distractions like TV, Facebook, X-Box etc is ideal. Not everyone will have their own space, but by coordinating your study times with others in your family, you should be able to co-inhabit.

Table/Desk/Chair: You need a desk or a table that is the right size for you. Make sure you can rest your elbows easily on it. It should size up to somewhere between your waist and below your ribcage when you sit down to it. Recognizing your posture needs will help you to plan where and when you should study. Your chair shouldn’t be a mode of distraction, so condition yourself to sitting on a desk chair without racing around the room.

: Contrary to popular belief, not everyone needs to study in a perfectly quiet environment. However, if you do choose to study to music, choose Baroque classical music. Tstudying1he tempo and instrumentation of this music is most compatible with study and learning. Most research suggests Miley Cyrus will not make you productive; however, this article has an interesting perspective.

Lighting: Being aware that light does make a difference, you should study in the environment that is well lit and not dim.

Next up? Stay tuned for another exciting edition of ‘Study Skills’ on the Y9 Blog.

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