Study Skills – Part One – Planning Your Revision

When it comes to preparing for examinations, there are endless helpful guides out there on the net. One only has type in exam to google and there will be countless helpful links. Some of the best include ‘studyit‘ and ‘howtostudy‘. Over the next few weeks leading up to junior examinations in week four, the Year Nine Blog will take some time to highlight some important skills which will be reinforced in Form Time. 

In this post we will look at how to make a study timetable.

1. Start by listing all the activities that you do after school: sport, Facebook, TV, chores etc.keep-calm-and-study-for-exams

In your revision plan you will need to take account of these and decide which are essential and which you could cut back on during lead up to exams. You should build breaks into your exam timetable e.g. ½ hour watching a favourite TV programme or 15 mins on Facebook etc. You are also encouraged to take a social media break. Maybe just for the week leading up to the exams, but overall you shouldn’t let distractions impact your study programme. Your study timetable will only work if you stick to it – be disciplined!

2. Draw up a planner for the first four weeks of term four. Set time aside to assign study activities. The following is an example of how it might look, with Monday and Saturday done as an example.


  • Remember this will change nearly every week as you will have different activities to plan for and other areas of your subjects that you want to revise. A good day to do this is Sunday when you can plan for the following week.
  • Use colour to make the revision timetable easy to use and to see if you are spreading your time evenly or on the subjects that have been prioritised as more difficult.
  • Post your planner on the fridge so your family can help you stick to it.
  • You need to build breaks into any revision timetable (see above).
  • You might benefit from using this template or a setting study goal help sheet from studyit.

3. Find out what subjects you will have an exam for (English, Maths, Social Studies, Science) and what topics will be in each exam.

Where to next? Stay tuned for another exciting edition of ‘Study Skills’ on the Y9 Blog.

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1 Response to Study Skills – Part One – Planning Your Revision

  1. Karen says:

    This is great – thank you Yr 9 Blog for some practical tips for our students

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