Year Nine Speech Competition

On Thursday, the Year Group was entertained by our speech finalists: Germaine Ambray, Tharushi Nanayakkara, Stefanija Palea’ae, Brooklyn Leota, Rebekah Warwick, K’Shana Fa’amasino, and Serena Burah. Each English class was represented and the quality of the speeches was very encouraging.

The final results were:
3rd – Tharushi Nanayakkara
2nd – Stefanija Palea’ae
1st – K’Shana Fa’amasino

K’Shana’s winning speech was about the effects of advertising. She gave us with some hilarious stories and demystified some of the cliches that advertisements use. A very entertaining speech that was perfectly pitched for the audience.

Stefanija (left), K'Shana (middle) and Tharushi (right)

The speech champions! Stefanija (left), K’Shana (middle) and Tharushi (right)

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