Attitude Presentation – Connected

Today during period 1 the Year Nines were given a presentation by Attitude, an organisation that creatively teaches life skills that assist teenagers to make life-enhancing choices. Our presenter today was Valentine, and the topic he was talking around was being connected in the online world. Here are some of the key themes that he talked about today:

  • Does technology actually make our lives better? The point is it isn’t all bad, but it’s a question of how we use it.
  • Digital footprint. It’s a myth that we can delete anything on the Internet. Even snap chat stores your pictures! There are screenshots and apps that save your snap chats. Your digital footprint can effect your reputation. Digital footprints effect your friendships.
  • AskFM – ask yourself why do you have it? Have a reason for using social media.
  • Your greatest strength in life is your character. Be the same person you are behind the screen. Don’t be someone you’re not. If you can’t say it face to face then don’t say it at all!
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