Dean’s Assembly – Writing Week Awards

The Writing Week Awards were announced today at assembly. The winners are shown below in the photo gallery. Congratulations to all the classes. The outstanding thing about this writing week was the amount of learning going on beyond just writing. The collaboration and spirit shown by all the teams to get their ideas together in the time allowed was extremely special to watch.

Writing week has a very special spot on the calendar in Year Nine – here are some further photos to celebrate it

On a different note, for the seniors, at this point in the year, it is a very important time. On Friday they will go on exam leave, meaning they will only be around the school if they have an exam. These are the school exams which contain a number of Internals as well as a practice run at what they will face in the external examinations in November.

You will also face junior exams in November. Just like the seniors all the learning you have done throughout the year. The results from this will go on your report, help determine your progress, inform some important decisions like next year’s classes, and most importantly they will be a launching pad for your learning in 2014.

I want to dispel the notion that the learning we do here is disposable. Don’t get rid of the notes you’ve taken. Don’t throw anything out, keep your notes tidy and maintain your organisation. When you reach the exams you will have to revisit and study some things that you studied in term one. So be prepared as you can by being organised and taking pride in your work.

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