3-Day Discovery Information

Newlands College is offering our students a real life experience away from the classroom. The program will involve students choosing an option outlined in this booklet to participate in and these programs will run in school time for three days from Wednesday 27 November to Friday 29 November.

The program is to also promoting the key competencies:

  • managing self,
  • thinking,
  • participating and contributing,
  • relating to others,
  • using language, symbols and texts

and the process of learning something new and having fun as we do it. Under the school initiative of ‘assessment for learning’ a key component is encouraging the learner to be responsible for the learning with an understanding that we all learn from ‘doing’.

The students will be encouraged to work in co-operative situations, ask open-ended questions and develop life skills, leadership, team work and self confidence.

The Options

1. Bike ‘n’ Rail Trail – Cost: $70
Day 1 – Take the 7.59 train to Wellington then the 8.25 to Featherston. Visit the Engine Museum, experience the Wairarapa, catch return trains. Day 2 – TBA. Day 3 – Transport to the Rimutaka Rail Trail – Bike over it and learn about rail history.

2. Christmas Cheer – Cost: $10
Prepare some Christmas Cheer for others in the first two days – music, gifts, food, there will be come flexibility in this choice and then visit an old folks home and provide entertainment for an afternoon.

3. City Art Scene – Cost: $30
Spend 3 days exploring all that Wellington City has to offer in the Arts. Go to the Dowse in Lower Hutt and explore the Art Galleries in Wellington city.

4. Cuisines of the World – Cost: $30
Students prepare and cook a selection of different foods from around the world. Each day there will be a different part of the world to learn about and then prepare a meal from that culture to share.

5. Food Preparation – Cost: 0
Learn about how to prepare food to sell. Spend 3 days learning about the skills needed to run a business and serve customers as you sell your produce.

6. Print Making – Cost: $20
We will spend three days on print making where you will make a woodblock in full colour. It would be a landscape and would make a fantastic Christmas present

7. Geocaching – Cost: 0
This discovery will use GPS technology to locate caches hidden in the general vicinity of the school/Newlands area. Trampers, Geography students and those interested in the human/technology interface will enjoy this option.
8. Golf – Cost: $80
Spend 3 days learning the sport of Golf. This will involve some lessons and the chance to play at some of the local golf clubs. Clubs can be hired.

9. Fishing – Cost: $85
Over the three days you will create a Kontiki for long line fishing , surf cast and go on a four hour fishing charter with Pete Lamb. After the fishing charter you will make fish burgers with all caught on the charter. You will need your OWN FISHING ROD for this discovery.

10. Knitting – Cost: $10
Learn the art of knitting. Work on completing a simple beanie for premature babies and then deliver them to the hospital on the 3rd day. Knit a square for the SPCA.

Wind_Surfing11. Wind Surfing – Cost: $60
Does being out on the water sound like you? In this discovery you will windsurf, paddle board and kayak. You will also make the beach tradition, kites. Be sure not to miss out on the camp fire in this outdoor adventure

12. Be involved in running the café – Cost: $15
Learn the inner workings of the college café and how it operates from day to day. Learn the business element including planning, ordering, food preparation and selling. You will also get a FREE muffin!

13. Mosaics – Cost: $70
Join us down at Johnsonville Pool as we go for a swim. Swimming is consistently the third highest cause of unintentional death in New Zealand so we think its time to gain confidence in the pool and have fun at the same time!

14. Music Recording – Cost: $10
Students will use industry-standard recording software to collaborate with others and record their own music.

15. Performance – Cost: 0
Is performing your thing? Whether it’s acting, dance or some other form of performing then this discovery could be for you.

16. Tourism Wellington – Cost: $65
In this discovery you will get cultural at Te Papa, environmental at Matiu Sommes Island and entertainment at bowling and laser force. This discovery will give you a taste of the tourism activities in the Wellington Region.

17. News Crew – Cost: $10
Spend 3 days learning about how to cover an event as part of a ‘news’ crew. Go out to the other events on offer and film, interview and report on what is happening for the students as they complete their 3 days of discovery. Create a film of the events.

18. Library Discovery – Cost: $5
Over the three days you will learn all about our own library and how it operates in its day to day activities. Get some chill down time with a good book and help out with getting next years resources ready which will also give you a head start on what to expect next year!

19. In the Hood – Cost: $30
Make a hoodie. Students will choose material and construct a standard hooded sweatshirt. On the first day the students will travel to the fabric warehouse where they will choose the fabric colour and hood lining with which they will be working. Then the student will be instructed through the process of cutting out and constructing their hoodie.

20. Shared Learning – Cost: 0
In this option you will work as a group alongside students for the Learning Support Centre to create something together. There will be some group decisions made closer to the time about what you will do together and it may be that you do some charity work.

Sport21. Sports and the ASB Centre – Cost: $40
Students would have the opportunity to head into the new ASB Centre where they would spend the first 2 days being coached by qualified coaches across 4 sports (Futsal, Handball, Turbo Touch and Ultimate Frisbee). The final day would then be a tournament across these sports. The cost includes lunch.

22. War Games – Cost: $5
Prepare for WWIII as we battle it out in War games with figures. We will analyse strategies used in history and find out the best way to take out your enemy.

23. Small gifts for Christmas – Cost: $12
We will be making very cool and nifty gifts for you to give to family in the festive season, or keep for yourself! We will make soaps, cards, embroidered fabric broach.

What now?

The selection process will be done via the school Gmail system so all students will need to know their account details – login and password. This can be done at school or at home. An email link will be sent to each student Gmail. All students will select their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. Many students will have to settle for their 2nd or 3rd choice due to number restrictions in some options so make your choices carefully.

Each group will be accompanied by 1, 2, 3 or 4 staff members depending on the numbers and the activity. Permission slips will need to be signed early in term 4.

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4 Responses to 3-Day Discovery Information

  1. CactusSnowman says:

    For the mosaics option, is it actually swimming? Why is it called mosaics when it’s not related to mosaics at all? That’s odd.

  2. Director of Sport says:

    Hi Jerome,

    I’ve just looked at the 3 day discovery info that you have put online. Are you able to update the sports option as what Deb had initially put in booklet was wrong, it should read:

    21. Sports and the ASB Centre Cost: $40 Students would have the opportunity to head into the new ASB Centre where they would spend the first 2 days being coached by qualified coaches across 4 sports (Futsal, Handball, Turbo Touch and Ultimate Frisbee). The final day would then be a tournament across these sports. The cost includes lunch.

    If the rest of the info was from the original booklet then there may have been others that were also updated subsequently


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