Spelling Bee

The Year 9 and 10 students completed their spelling bee test two weeks ago. The presentation of certificates and prizes took place today at a special assembly with awards given to each Year Nine English class.

Mr Floratos’ English Class
1st Salote Taufa
2nd Calvin Hogg
3rd Germaine Ambray

Ms Hayton’s English Class
1st Sandeep Manhaas
2nd Yujun Jeong
3rd Zane Miller

Ms A. King’s English Class
1st Angela Montenegro
2nd Melissa Chu-Fong
3rd Matt Stark

Ms D. King’s English Class
1st Mishayla Millar
2nd Ethan Thomson

Ms O’Malley’s English Class
1st Lorraine Sevilla
2nd Audrey Martinez
3rd Ashlea Mathie

Ms Matthews’s English Class
1st= Denny Stamenov, Joshua Kim
3rd Shaun Liew

Mr Molloy’s English Class
1st Nikaiah Basabas
2nd Clarice Du Toit
3rd Danica Fontein

Ms Sinnot’s English Class
1st Hollie Gillum-Taylor
2nd Hadlee Jackson
3rd Jade Lyons

And extra congratulations to Nikaiah Basabas,  Melissa Chu-Fong, Angela Montenegro, and Matt Stark. They received such impressive results that they are now in the National Finals to be held on August the 19th! Well done to all the Year Nine spellerz!

Spelling Bee Winners

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