NZ Post Children’s Book Awards Festival Week

Porirua New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2013 Facebook Status Update

Porirua New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards 2013 Facebook Status Update

Porirua New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards festival week runs from Monday, 17 June – Monday, 24 June 2013. To celebrate, eight Newlands College Year Nines were taken around four primary schools to share the four finalist books. They prepared activities so that the kids could really enjoy and get into the action of the stories and also had a few dress up items to impress the children. We visited Corinna School, Connons Creek Primary, Holy Family, and Windley School. It was an amazing experience. Many thanks to Michelle Shannon-Smith for coordinating it. Below are the stories from the eight Year 9s who were involved.

A Great Cake – by Tina Matthews

Our book was amazing because it was about a cake. The little kids said silly things because they were really getting into the moment. It was easy to get them to interact and do lots of movements and discover the book in a different way using some drama techniques. At the end of the book we asked them which cake they would like and they all got really into it  calling out “Yay” and “No” – it was awesome.

Ben Murdoch and Donna Joseph

Mr Bear Branches and the Cloud Conundrum – by Terri Rose Baynton

The highlight was the first school we walked into and all the kids started going “whoa!” as if we were the most amazing thing they had ever seen. They laughed at our funny faces and they loved pulling silly faces themselves. They sometimes mixed up the two actions they had to do, we got them to do a different thing for each of the main characters. The kids were so cute, they really appreciated it and they enjoyed having us there.  We loved the high fives when we left.

Chantel Gates and Josh Steele

Melu – by Kyle Mewburn

Reading our book was fun, Melu was such a great story. The best part was at the part of our story when the main character gallops, so we got all the kids to gallop too. At one school though we had a bunch of kids at the back start doing Gangam Style. At the end we were given lolly necklaces by some of the kids which was really nice.

Safia Cole and Antonio Poleis

Mr Whistler – by Margaret Mahy and Gavin Bishop

For our story, Nikaiah read the narration and Tobias acted as Mr Whistler, dressed up with a waistcoat, overcoat and bowler hat. It was an interesting experience! The kids loved it when in the story Mr Whistler is only in his underwear. We used a piece of gum for a ticket and they pointed out that we weren’t allowed to have gum at school. We promised the teachers that we wouldn’t do it again. 

Tobias Nobelen and Nikaiah Basabas


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