The Wizard of Oz

You may have noticed the blog becoming somewhat quieter this term and this is in a large part to do with the school production of The Wizard of Oz. Involving over 100 students, this was another massive undertaking and I am personally very proud of everybody that contributed. It was considered by audiences to be a marvelous achievement and positive feedback has flowed into the College’s inboxes since opening night on Tuesday.

For those who didn’t manage to catch the show, below is a photo album capturing some of the best moments.

Congratulations to all the Year 9s who were involved. In the cast: Nikaiah Basabas, Meg Burgess, Panashe Dindingwe, Clarice Du Toit, Hunter Giltrap, Jennifer Nash, and Talitha Wilson; Jenni and Meg were also part of the student choreography team; in the orchestra: Stella Lu; backstage: Jordan Borchowsky and Angus Mawby; in the make up crew: Charlotte Earle, Renee Hargreaves, Jesika Hermez, Donna Joseph, Tharushi Nanayakkara, Shanlon Robertson, and Rebekah Warwick.

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2 Responses to The Wizard of Oz

  1. Ellen G says:

    Don’t forget about Hunter Giltrap! The amazing crow 🙂

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