Chook Chook – Y13 Drama Production – Review

My name is Serena Burah (9SN) and on Tuesday night I went to the Year Thirteen drama production of ‘Chook Chook’. It was on in the DPR and performed by Vikki Clements, Emma Stove, Annalise Salisbury and Kate Godfree.

It was about three chickens cooped up inside a cage and wanting to break free. They come across many problems and overcome all of them. Towards the end they are joined by one other chicken (Kate Godfree) who has fallen off the back of a truck. She tries to break free by herself but she does not succeed. None of the chickens really like her except for one (Vikki Clements). Not all the chickens want to break free though. In the end the play looks at all the perspectives of the chickens and everyone ends up being happy.

I really enjoyed it because it was quite humourous and I knew heaps of the Year Thirteens from peer support. I liked the costumes and props and they way they used them. I enjoyed their facial expressions as we had been working on these in my Y9 drama class. I would encourage all Year 9s to see some of the plays and things the senior students put on because you can see new ideas, learn new skills and you can see whats going on in the life of the senior students.

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2 Responses to Chook Chook – Y13 Drama Production – Review

  1. Victoria Clements says:

    Hey Serena we are so happy you enjoyed it !
    We hope that you will come to many more of our performances during the year
    Thank you for the great review , your awesome !
    Many thanks,
    The Chook Chook Girls 🙂

  2. Serena, what a great article. Very impressed!
    Miss Coats.

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