Dean’s Assembly – Endeavour Awards

Certificates are being handed out today called the ‘Endeavour Awards’. This is an award specially designed for our Year Group to acknowledge those who have begun term one with in an outstanding fashion. All your teachers have nominated those people in their classes who have shown a notable endeavour to achieve their potential and shown a high level of manners in doing so. Your teachers were asked nothing about whether or not you were getting Excellences or high grades, this award is for those who are showing the effort to achieve their potential.

The Endeavour award recognizes effort and commitment to learning. This is a chance to celebrate success and the people that are consistently doing the right thing. I am so impressed and proud of the huge number of names that teachers put forward. The names that we are acknowledging today were nominated by at least four of their teachers, and in many cases a lot more.

The Face of Success

The Face of Success

Before we acknowledge these people I’d like to ask what is success? Well, success to me is this face it is a face of pure accomplishment. This is a face that knows that they’ve succeeded. And you too can own this face! Today is a a chance to think about what you can do to improve your effort, to show more commitment to your learning. This is why all of you here have a goal setting booklet, it’s to help you achieve your potential and to help you access your dreams.

The recipients of the ‘Endeavour Awards’ were: Nikaiah Basabas, Serena Burah, Rebecca Catalan, Angeline Dano, Panashe Dindingwe, Charlotte Earle, Pranav Gohil, Fathimah Idris, Simon Little, Stella Lu, Audrey Martinez, Daphne Martinez, Simon McSweeny-Harte, Jessie Mok, Tiana Moon, Benjamin Murdoch, Tharushi Nanayakkara, Jennifer Nash, Sturgis Ngatai, Casey Norman, Clarydel Sevilla, Hayden Smith, Laura Spiers, Matthew Stark, Joshua Steele, Alison Taufa, Rebekah Tiongson, Unmesh Vanka, Rachael Wilson, and Lochlan Young.

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