Progress Conference Review

Goal Setting Booklet

The progress conferences, held yesterday (Tuesday 26th March) were an exciting opportunity to discuss the learning of the Year Nines. A large number of parents and caregivers were able to make the event and from speaking to Form Teachers and Mentors the day appears to have had a tremendous positive vibe to it.

During the session you may have had a chance to look into the goal setting booklet that each student in Year Nine is responsible for. (The cover is shown above). This booklet is our way of structuring the goal setting process in order to help all our learners achieve their potential.

One of the key pages is shown below. It outlines how a goal that is created can be broken down into focuses for each term. Throughout the year we will be revisiting the learners’ three goals (the learning goal, writing goal, and the ‘other’ goal) and reflecting on the progress that has been made.

The Learning Goal page. Breaking down the goal into achievement chunks.

The Learning Goal page. Breaking down the goal into achievement chunks.

The progress conference is a great chance to celebrate some of the success and the positive start that the Year Nine’s have made. On the whole, the Interim Reports sent home recently were evidence of a year group who are settling into their learning very well and progressing in their learning very well. We hope that you enjoyed your progress conference and the chance to participate in these learning conversations.

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