Progress Conference Day

In the past few years we have been aiming to increase the engagement of students by encouraging them to take control of their own learning. In order to do this, students need to be informed and be part of the learning process. They need to know where they are at, be able to evaluate their progress and ascertain what they need to do to improve. The development of learning intentions and student goal setting are all part of that process.

All students and their caregivers have been invited to attend a 15 minute in-depth discussion with the student’s Form Teacher or Mentor via a letter or email. The conference is on Tuesday, 26th March.

The following will be discussed in the session:

  • The transition to Newlands College the Y9 student has made and how they are settling, 
  • The progress that has been made as indicated by the Interim Report,
  • And the goals the student is setting for this year.

These sessions offer a valuable opportunity to discuss the student’s learning. This is a key moment for the Y9s as we attempt to lay a strong foundation for success this year.

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