Form Class Representatives

Congratulations to the elected Form Class Representatives! The names below will represent their Form Class at regular Year Level meetings run by Head Girl Sachinie Wanasinghe and Board of Trustees Student Rep Mark Liew.

9CJ Chantel Gates, Lochlan Young
9LD Tharushi Nanayakkara, Joshua Steele
9LW Renee Hargreaves, Caleb Sawers-McClintock
9NP Nikaiah Basabas, Emanuel Gorges
9SL Brooklyn Leota, Callum Gibling
9SN Renee Pearce, Casey Norman
9WG Stella Lu, Benjamin Murdoch
The Form Class Representatives with Sachinie and Mark (School Exec members) and Mr Cargill (Y9 Dean)

The Form Class Reps with Sachinie & Mark (School Exec members) & Mr Cargill (Y9 Dean)

At their first meeting, the group elected Callum Gibling and Nikaiah Basabas as the school council representatives. Congratulations to these two! In the school council, each Year Level is represented by two members and the group meets regularly to discuss and deal with matters relating to the student body.

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