Dean’s Assembly – Opportunities

Manners, Involved, Decisions & Consequences The theme for this Dean’s Assembly was around opportunities. Students were reminded about the opportunities that we have already talked about in previous Dean’s Assemblies, like using our manners, getting involved and making good decisions. We talked about three things:

I showed the new blog to the students and gave them the challenge of contributing content. Things I am looking for include:

  • Form Class updates including artefacts from their learning as well as reports on the goal setting or subject choice processes.
  • Any relevant advertising of relevant events to the Year group.
  • Celebration of success – awards gained in assembly can be posted or sporting success too.
  • Year level event reports and photos.
  • and most importantly I would like to see students put forward their ideas for content and submit their own posts.

I also spoke about goal setting – a process that all students are working through and one that will be covered in more detail by a later post. Here is what the students heard:

In Form time and mentoring you will have been hearing about the goal setting process and discussing the types of things you might want to succeed in doing this year. Something that one of us here has decided to strive for is something very admirable. Shave for cure is Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealands’s signature fundraising event.

Many people have already have already shaved their hair off for this great cause. The money they raise for doing this goes towards helps patients and their families with blood cancer or a related condition. Hundred of New Zealand individuals, businesses and schools have whipped out the clippers and chopped off the locks. Last year the fundraising collectively raised $1.4 million!

At school here we are privileged to have two people who are committed to cutting their hair for a cause. We have Logan Sayers from Y12 and Mrs Karen Matthews who teaches some of you English. If you log on to the shave for a cure website you can search for the people involved.

Bringing this back to goal setting, Mrs Matthew’s set herself the target of raising $500, and has more than surpassed that with over $650 and still a week to go before the 18th March – the day of the cut.

Goals help us to achieve success. To finish today I want to show you a short video about an achievement that I think is pretty special.

So the questions I’d like to leave you with today:
– what is it that you want to win? What is it that you want to achieve?
– how are you going to get there?
– And perhaps, something that the video has made you think about, how can you help others to achieve their goals?

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