Peer Support Camp

Team Initiative Challenge

Team Initiative Challenge

For our Year 8 students, the 2013 school year kicked off with the annual peer support camp at El Rancho in Waikanae. This traditional beginning of the year was another spectacular success. It offered the new Year 9s an opportunity to adapt to the Newlands College way of life, while meeting new friends and becoming familiar with some staff and senior students.

During the four days at camp, students were involved in numerous activities including horseback riding, go-karting, archery, swimming, and lawn bowls. They also had the chance to ride the daunting flying fox through the tree tops and feel the adrenaline rush of zooming down the slip n’ slide.

Slip 'n Slide in action

Slip ‘n Slide in action

The Year 13 peer support leaders were instrumental in the positive tone of the camp. They were involved in running the activities as well as peer support sessions with the goal of making the new students feel at home at the college. The peer support sessions involved groups of 8-10 Y9s, undertaking team and trust-building activities planned by three Y13 peer support leaders.

Some good-natured Form Class competitions sparked some spirited opposition. Congratulations to 9WG, winners of the chant contest and 9LD, winners of the relay.

The camp was an overwhelming triumph; the memories from which will stay with all those involved for a long time. I wish all the Year 9s a productive and successful first year at Newlands College.

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